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The most advanced computers and sophisticated phones are only as good as the telecom networks that they operate on. That’s why, at ETS, we offer fast, flexible, and reliable Internet, phone, and other telecom services that are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding organizations. We tailor our telecommunication solutions to serve diverse needs, whether it’s Internet service for an underserved rural community or for an expansive high-performance data center. Our Internet service offerings include fiber optic cabling, wireless point-to-point, and wireless point-to-multipoint networks that are tailored to your requirements.

With our fully-featured VOIP phone systems, your organization’s phones operate over the Internet instead of a traditional landline. This gives you the increased scalability, accessibility, and flexibility, all for one affordable price. As a phone or Internet user, you’ll also have access to our easy-to-use customer portal that gives you control over your account. You can even combine telecom services with our communications solutions to get the most out of your phone and Internet.

At ETS, we offer comprehensive Software and Process Development solutions such as:

  • High-speed fiber-optic Internet service
  • Fully-featured VOIP phone service
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless networks
  • Internet connectivity equipment
  • Data center functions

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