Cultivating the “Why”
to Improve the “What”

A Humanist Approach to Technology

At ETS, we believe the primary purpose of your technology should be to propel your organization towards its long-term goals. Technology should empower your people to accomplish things they previously couldn’t in ways that are simpler, faster, and more effective than before. In short, your objectives are more important than your computers. Your “Why” is more important than your “What.”

That’s why we’re not really a technology company. We are an organization of people who solve the problems that technology creates. We’re not a vendor or a supplier. We are a partner. A real person who answers your call in times of need. Through empathy, reliability, and flexibility, we ensure that each person we work with receives the technology that best serves their needs, now and into the future.

It’s the emphasis on the long-term that makes all the difference because we don’t cut corners or use band-aid fixes. Instead, we solve problems correctly at the outset so you can move forward with technology instead of being held back by it.

Our overarching vision is to create a world where each person has access to the technology that best serves their needs. We’re working towards this vision by applying these actionable values to everything we do:

  • Think human-first
  • Act future forward
  • Lead with solutions
  • Strive for simple
  • Innovate for all

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